Don’t count out Nam

After becoming a first-time Canadian champion at the Canadian Figure Skating Championships in 2015, Nam Nguyen has found himself struggling this year in Halifax — placing fourth overall. What has changed? Simply put, he has. He’s a boy rapidly growing into an adolescent. A couple of years ago, Nguyen was one of the shortest participants among the senior crew at nationals. Now he’s one of the tallest, having sprouted four inches since last winter to a disorienting five-foot 10. After a difficult free skate, he’s slipped down the ranks —missing a chance at the worlds squad despite a fifth place debut in 2015. Nguyen recognizes that his body is still new to him, as does his coach Mike Slipchuk, which means changing the way he trains and thinks, especially in competition. “I need to push myself harder,” says Nguyen. “This season requires a lot more and that’s something I need to get familiar with. Nothing ever comes easy.’’ And it’s that fight and determination that will hopefully take Nam from boy to man in a sport that favours the small.

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